Give, Take, Etc.

We’ve mentioned our friends Colin and Shanai before– they are some of the most inspiring and yet easygoing movers and shakers in young Minneapolis, so it’s no surprise they were early Story Farm fans. But their work continues to morph and I thought I’d share one of their most recent brainchildren, Give & Take, a monthly event that (in their words) “is built around your answers to two simple questions: What do you know? What do you want to know? Their events are as various as the people who attend them, so you can expect to learn skills as practical as how to start a garden, how to use WordPress, how to find the best pizza joints in town, title insurance, and dating successfully, and as ethereal as “opportunity” and “creativity.” I haven’t been to one of these yet, and sadly, I’m going to miss tonight’s (It’s 7-9 pm at Intermedia Arts). But happily, next month it shall rise again! In the meantime, check out their spunky website and ask yourself “What do I know?”

Personally, I would teach either farming with oxen, capturing good audio, or selecting a ripe melon. You?


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