A Little Inspiration from Charlie

No need to go into details, but yesterday I found out that I didn’t get an opportunity about which I was very, very excited. And so I was bummed. And I whimpered a little, and pondered the possibility that maybe the universe is telling me that I’m not so special after all, but ultimately that line of thinking didn’t go anywhere productive and so I came to a conclusion to which I’ve come several times before. And that is: To get what I want out of this world, I’m going to have to make it. Possibly from scratch. With a little help from friends.

Meanwhile, last night, Eric and I had a lovely little date at Trylon “microcinema”: we saw Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush, and laughed out loud, for the many-eth time, as Charlie stuck forks into his dinner rolls and made them do the most elegant dance. Love! Now, what exactly is a microcinema, you ask? Well, this microcinema, at least, is a neighborhood theater that features “50 deluxe rocker seats and a 20 foot screen” and screens classic movies a few times a week. It’s the most enchanting space– intimate, cozy, and yet so much more romantic than your living room. You enter the space through XYandZ gallery (which at them moment is painted with an enchanting jungle theme, complete with 7-foot babboon wearing bunny ears), and are then treated to a concession stands that carries, among other things, B.T. McElrath chocolates (their salty dog chocolate bar is the tastiest 5 bucks you’ll ever spend). Oh, and popcorn with real butter! Real! Butter! There’s a great article about our lovely little local microcinema in the publication The Line.

So why exactly am I pontificating about something so simple as an itty-bitty theater that shows re-runs? Well, because I LOVE THIS SPACE. And it turns, out, Barry, the guy behind Trylon, rents it out. And remember that whole Hot Dish Storytelling Series we announced here back in oh, October of 2009? Well, it’s about time we brought it to life. We’re settled here in Minnesota now, complete with couch and dog and monthly Soup and Bread, and so… it’s time to stir things up.

So here’s the deal. The date is… February sometime (pending theater availability)…and rather than doing an entirely “open mic” approach on the first go-round, we’re going to invite 6 separate storytellers to tell true stories on a theme (Please note: There is no question that this idea is inspired by The Moth. But there ain’t no Moth in MSP yet, so…whatevs). Theme as yet undetermined, but it will probably be inspired by Valentine’s Day. So, if you have a funny/poignant/disturbing/surprising story about something related to heartbreak, heartache, or unrequited or requited love, LET US KNOW. You can email us at storyfarmers@gmail.com. And that’s all for now.


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  1. LOVE this! Please keep me in the loop. Nice to learn about the Trylon Microcinema, too.

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