Become A Story Farmer

Once the actual, physical Story Farm is up and running, we’ll offer a Story Farm membership, which will grant you discounted access to all events and workshops, barn and production studio rental, and access to any produce we grow. But we don’t have all of that to offer just yet, despite the fact that we need a) support for our big idea and b) capital. So here’s the pitch.

For 15 dollars, become a Story Farmer. That money will go towards the item we’ve deemed most *urgent* on our Wishlist. (We’ll feature new items as we cross each one off).

Story Farm membership grants you the following:

  • A founding role in what could become an amazing, inspiring lifelong project
  • A permanent hold on the $15 membership. Like the Forever stamp. Even once we can charge more, you’ll still be able to stay a member for $15/year. How about that!
  • A Story Packet. Once we receive your check, we’ll mail you a special little pouch of unique, hand-picked, beautiful odds and ends, a combination of things meant to inspire and spark your creative urge.
  • A prominent, permanent acknowledgment of your support, somewhere on the farm. You supported us even when it seemed like a crazy idea.

If you’d like to become a Story Farmer, please mail a check to:

The Story Farmers, 3216 43rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406



2 responses to “Join

  1. erosslarson

    Thanks, Jill. That’s definitely the idea!

  2. Jill Beaverson

    Wow. What an idea. It’s not often I hear about celebrating our corn-fed Midwestern roots. I have a feeling you might be starting something big, guys.

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